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Brunch is the best because it’s breakfast after a long sleep with booze.

So a bit about us

We’re Juti and Sam, two girls who work in corporate events by day and brunch our money away by weekend. Based in London, we are strong believers that when times are tough, saving is not important and if you leave food in our sight then we will find it and we will eat it. Eating food is our real passion and we came up with The Belles of Brunch to share all the amazing food we eat with you guys…and it helps with figuring out where all thatΒ “misplaced money”Β goes.

Now a bit about our blog

Who doesn’t love brunch?! If they don’t then they are no friends of ours and London is just popping up with brunches left, right and centre. We will review every place we go from the dishes to the dress code and share it with you so you’re prepared to try them yourselves. At the end of the day you don’t want to turn up in heels when everyone’s rocking trainers and dungarees but we will absolutely review every dress code of brunch that we can – We’re all about living a glam girls life on a broke bitches bank account.

Eventually we want our blog to be the go-to site for all things brunch an who knows, maybe run our own brunch events one day!

Why not get in touch

We love finding brunches for people so don’t be scared to drop us a message on our #AskTheBelles page if you need help finding the perfect one for any occasion!

If you want to collab or maybe you wanna catch catch a brunch then get in touch! We’re always up for eating our money dry.

Email: thebellesofbrunch@gmail.com

Facebook: The Belles of Brunch

Instagram: @TheBellesofBrunch

Twitter: @BellesofBrunch