About us


You can never trust someone who doesn’t like brunch. It caters for the people like us who love breakfast but also love sleeping in because after all, it is a weekend.

After we met in 2014 when we happened to join the same company, we became close through bonding over our love for pretty plates of food, rooftop bars and spending money. Now we want to share where all that money’s going with you by blogging about our favourite meal..brunch!

We both love food and I mean LOVE in its purest form I (Juti) even have a top that says I ❤️ CARBS and I (Sam) have literally managed to not succeed at every diet possible. So, with the rise in popularity of brunches and it becoming one of the trendiest meals, we want to explore all the famous and unique brunches from vegan brunches to sushi brunches and our favourite…bottomless brunches. We’ll share our review of the prices, the dress code, the vibe, so you can be fully prepared to go and check them out yourself. Now we are both very much working girls just trying to make an honest living so we wont be jet setting every other day  to fancy cities all around the world but holidays are certainly booked in and you bet we will be trying a few brunches everywhere we go so have your passport ready!

Eventually we want our blog to be the go-to site for all things brunch for absolutely anyone looking for any cuisine but its a big world out there so if you have any idea’s then let us know!

Anyway, we hope you like our blog and remember subscribe if you like our vibe.

J&S x